Wooden Panels

CHAOS Panels

WooDen PANEls

For the production of panels used boards aged 40 - 70 years, and sometimes there are boards over 100 years old. Pre-dried boards are opened on lamellae 5-10 mm thick.
The front side undergoes gentle cleaning and grinding and is covered with a special impregnation preventing the spread of mold. We use both sides of the granary board, so we get three variants of panels in color:
- gray patina (front side)
- brown (front side)
- sand (the reverse side).
Combining different thicknesses and colors of panels, you can get both a flat and a relief surface in one color or in a combination of colors.

Material - old pine / spruce board
Humidity - 8 ± 2% for interior decoration (under the order of 12 ± 2% - for external)
thickness - 5-7 mm
width - 100-250 mm
length - 300-1500 mm
coating - Wolman Rain Coat Water Based
mounting - on glue / nails