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   Wooden tiles made of old wood or cedar will decorate not only a private house or apartment, but also a restaurant or office. The combination of different shapes, sizes and colors of individual elements allows you to create an individual design of the wall. For the production of wooden tiles, we use a barn boards, Altai cedar, as well as the usual pine.
We use both sides of the barn boards, so we get three variants of panels in color:
- gray patina (front side)
- brown (front side)
- sand (the reverse side).
Cedar leaves uncoated, because it serves as a natural source of phytoncides that destroy pathogenic bacteria in the room.

Material - old pine / spruce board, Altai cedar, pine
Humidity - 8 ± 2% for interior decoration (under the order of 12 ± 2% - for external)
Thickness - 5-15 mm
The size of the element - 8x8 cm, 8x16 cm, 8x24 cm, 10x10 cm
Coating - Wolman Rain Coat Water Based / uncoated
Installation - on adhesive

Wooden tiles from the old barn boards - Chevron.

Wooden tiles from an old barn boards.
For its production, we use real sheathing from old houses and buildings, whose age can reach more than a hundred years. Mostly, we receive boards from Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Arkhangelsk and Ivanovo regions. In the production process, we do not use artificial aging. The colors and texture of wood are natural. Depending on the age and location on the facade, the color of the boards varies from silvery gray to dark brown. For the order is available the option "mix", in which there are all possible colors and shades, as well as gray or brown selection in any proportion.

Wooden tiles of various geometries.
We offer wooden tiles from a granary board in various formats - square and rectangular with a multiplicity of 1: 2 and 1: 3. This makes it possible to implement on the wall many different variants of the pattern, both with ordered geometry and with a chaotic scatter of elements. It all depends on the flight of your imagination. The standard size of the tiles is 10 x 10 cm, but under the order we can make the size you need. Thought something completely extraordinary, share it with us! We also love to experiment! We are able to implement any projects of almost any complexity.

Wooden tiles from old logs.
When a hundred-year-old house goes under demolition, we select a well-preserved log and make from them a wonderful wooden tile. Unlike ordinary wood, the old one has a darker color and a denser structure - in fact, earlier, the best trees were chosen for building a house and chopped only in the winter in the absence of cocotock.
First, from the dried log, we get the bar and we cut it already - a flat or two-sided tile, as in the photo. In addition to the old natural cracks, during the drying process, new cracks appear, emphasizing the uniqueness of each element.

Wooden tiles of glued beams.
For the production of this tile, we use selective softwood, glued according to the technology of glued beams used for the construction of houses and structures. Tiles are produced in two versions - flat and double-faced.

Wooden tiles from cedar select.
Wooden tiles from the Altai cedar with a 3D effect. Select - selective wood without knots. Over time, the wood becomes pink.

Wooden tiles of cedar rustic.

Wooden tiles of cedar natur.

Wooden tiles of cedar natur.